Letter to Santa

mums-and-tots-AI---Santa-Letter-smallWho wants to be a Santa this year? Not only for your own children but also for the less fortunate ones. Who wants to bring joy to their faces? This might be the only present they can get this Christmas. Let’s open our hearts to the children of Pacanów village who truly believe that Santa loves them and every year makes their dreams come true. This is the best thing you could do for them this Christmas.


Every year M&T charity organizes this great project called “LETTER TO SANTA” for the children of Pacanów orphanage and the children from poor families. They all write their letters on hand made cards and open their hearts telling stories of their lives and ask for some presents, nearly always adding “Dear Santa, only if you can. I understand you have too many children who write to you.”


How does “LETTER TO SANTA” work?

  1. You will get a handwritten personal letter from one of the children addressed to Santa – YOU
  2. Children ask for different things but the main principle for every Santa would be to buy:

– something for education

– something for pleasure and fun

– something practical (shoes prevail over clothes)

– something special

– sweets

  1. Budget: minimum PLN 150 – maximum PLN 300 per child. However, if you wish to be more generous, we cannot say no.
  2. Enclosed will be all available information about the child and sizes
  3. Presents need to be tagged with a child’s name and delivered to one of the locations to be advised before the 7th of January.
  4. We will be travelling to Pacanow (3,5 hours drive out of Warsaw, 70 km. south of Kielce) on the 10th January. Please join us for the trip to see the children and help us deliver the presents. You are welcome to travel with your children. It will be a wonderful experience you will never forget.


If you wish to become a Santa write to charities@mumsandtots.pl with your name, address, email and a phone number that we can be in touch with you.


Please, ask your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers if they wish to become a Santa. Maybe you know someone or a company who can donate some sweets or small stuff for the kids.


Thank you!


M&T Charity



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