Dads and Tots of Warsaw Review – Ristorante & Pizzeria Mamma, papa



I came across this place by sheer accident one day, I was looking for a kids hairdresser for our son and this had appeared where the hairdresser once stood! So no haircut but a new restaurant. It’s a little tricky to find as its up a side street just off Al. K.E.N. 47 – the entrance is on the side of szpitalu Mazovia and it’s not very well sign posted from the main street.

So we took out 3.5yr and 1.5yr for dinner. We were greeted with a big warm welcome from the female owner who clearly Dads-rate-pokoncno-1adores kids, she engaged in toddler chat with them immediately. In one corner of the restaurant they have a play area for the kids, a few boxes of toys and a little tent. Ours were straight over to it and as there were some other kids playing there they seemed to be in their element.

The place has a typical modern Italian theme to it. Theres the ground floor where the kids play area is, upstairs for those who are going for the food and wish to be away from noisy kids and the garden, Dads-rate-pokoncno-2which is more like a small patio out the back with about 6 or 8 tables.

We sat down and looked through the menu, its mainly pizza and pasta but a large selection of both. They also had a good selection of wine by the glass, canter or bottle. Everything was very reasonably priced. The menu offered a small but nice selection of kids dishes – soup, chicken nuggets, chicken burger, penne, mini pizza and Pizza alla Nutella! I was tempted to order that for our son but I just had visions of him puking all night so I decided against it, maybe another time!

Service was good and food delivery prompt. I went for the TAGLIATELLE SEPPIA CON GAMBERI  (krewetki, czosnek, cebula, chilli, natka, białe wino, oliwa: 32 zł). I must say it was delicious. The kids Dads-rate-pokoncno-3had mini pizza, really lovely dough, light and fluffy.

The kids seemed happy playing / fighting with the toys so we helped ourselves to some Tiramisu which again was delicious. So was really happy with the kids food and the adults food.

I noticed some announcements on the walls so I asked about them, they run kids cooking classes every few weeks which is really cool! Ours are a bit too young for it now but I’d certainly take them now if they were a bit older. They dress the kids up in chefs uniforms and show them how to make pizza, cake, pierogi etc..Dads-rate-pokoncno-4

One thing I’m not 100% sure about is whether or not they have an animator, I don’t think they have one permanently on the weekends but their website says they can organise one so I’m guessing that’s if you
wanted to have a birthday party there.

This is only 5 mins walk from where we live so we`ll be making this a regular spot. The biggest thing I like about it is that they are genuinely welcoming to kids.

I do have 1 big issue and 1 small issue with this place. The big being that there is only 1 toilet, which means when your son is bursting after drinking 4 large apple juices and the toilet is engaged then you might have a problem. The small issue is no outdoor play area but hey, its in a built up area so we cant have it all.


Additional information:

Address: Al. K.E.N. 47 – the entrance is on the side of szpitalu Mazovia, 02-797, Warszawa
Phone: 661 074 747

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun: 12.00 – 22.00

Reviewed by: Mark

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