Letter to Santa – presents successfully delivered
23th January
With great pleasure I would like to announce to you that all of your presents were delivered to the children from Dom Dziecka Ojca Gwidona and to the children from the poor families in Pacanow. Together we surprised 60 children and made just a little of their dreams come true.

The sisters and the children from Dom Dziecka welcomed us warmly to their home and prepared an entertaining play in which we enjoyed very much. We stayed there for a while to talk and have lunch with the children. There was so much to talk about and we wished we could stay longer.

In the Pacanow primary school, the director and the families welcomed us with a song and children surprised us with a bunch of thank you notes.

This was a wonderful experience for all of us who could come and meet the children in person. Next year, with your help, we will try to make even more children happy.

Thank you very much to all the Santas, to Olga for the chocolates, to Realene, Lauren, Beth, and Kasia for collecting gifts, to Ania for translations, to all of you who traveled to Pacanow (Idli, Basia, Andrea, Katarina with their families and friends) and of course to Agnieszka who did more than half of the job with me.

I hope we can make this project go on for many years to come!


November. 26th 2013
Dear Mums and Dads,
holiday season is just around the corner and we will soon all be busy buying presents and celebrating with our loved ones. Don’t forget that not all are that lucky and we can do something to make their lives just a little bit brighter.
This year you can become a very special Santa for a very special child from the orphanage (Dom Dziecka) in Pacanow. These children are very well cared for by nuns who run the orphanage but even with a carful budgeting they cannot afford to spend anything extra for any Christmas presents. For most of the children this presents are the only presents they can get.
Right at this moment the children are already writing their letters and are very excited that this year Santa has not forgotten about them. We can make them happy by bringing them joy at the Christmas season.
We will start with finding Santas for the children from the orphanage (around 35) and continue with the children from the poor families from the same village. They are also hoping that this year Santa will remember them.
Please, ask your friends, family, neighbours, coworkers if they wish to become a Santa. Maybe you know someone or a company who can donate some sweets or small stuff for the kids.
To enable you to be a Santa:
1. You will have a child’s letter.
2. All available information about the child and sizes.
3. Budget: minimum PLN 150 – maximum PLN 300 per child. However, if wish to be more generous, we cannot say no.
4. Children ask for different things but the main principle for every Santa would be to buy:
– something for education
– something for pleasure and fun
– something practical (shoes prevail over clothes)
– something special
– sweets
5. Presents need to be tagged with a child’s name and delivered to one of the locations to be advised before the 15th of January.
6. We will be travelling to Pacanow on the 18th January. Please join us for the trip to see the children and help us to deliver the presents. You are welcome to travel with your children. It will be a wonderful experience you will never forget.

Please, write to to volunteer to become a Santa or if you wish to help in some other way.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,
M&T’s Charity team
November. 26th 2013



Quiz Night, April 18 2013

We would like to thank everyone who came to the Quiz night last month and donated money to the two charities which we are currently sponsoring.  We raised a total of 2,110 zl which we donated to the two charities in equal proportions.  The Pacanow children’s home will put the funds towards repaving its front courtyard where the children play and the Orzeszek preschool for disabled children will use the funds to help pay for accomodation at its summer camp.


General Information

Mums and Tots of Warsaw have been helping children from the Pacanów Childrens Home since 2004. We started to help another orphanage in Siennica in 2009. We also help poor people in those villages as well because donations which are of no immediate use to the orphanages are passed on further to needy families with a large number of children. Nuns coordinate this and make sure that nothing is wasted and that all is given to those in greatest need. Both places are real homes for the children, where they get good food, a warm home and lots of love. The Sisters work extremely hard to raise decent people. They deserve our support and help. Please note that they do not have any organizations as sponsors and do not receive any help from the government as they are private orphanages. Everything we give is accepted with sincere thanks. Please find the details of the Orphanage below.

1 Pacanów Childrens Home
3,5 hours drive from Warsaw, 70 km south of Kielce
Address: 28-133 Pacanów ul. Radziwiłłówka 4
tel 041 376-54-50
Director: sister Dobromila
Deputy: sister Symeona
e-mail address:

We travel there 4 times a year and occasionally post things.

Brief History
This children’s home dates from 1936 when priest Maciej Radziwiłł offered the building to the Sisters of the Holy Spirit in Pacanów in order to undertake charity activities. After World War II, the sisters opened an orphanage for the war orphans. Later it became a place to look after retarded children. In 1991 it became home for young and older girls. In 1995 they were given their Patron Saint Gwydon, so this place is called the House of Father Gwydon. They have about 32 children, both boys and girls of various ages.

2 Siennica Orphanage
1 hour drive from Warsaw, a van comes to collect things
Address: 05-332 Siennica Szkolna 2
tel 025 757 22 17
Director: sister Edyta
e-mail address:

This children’s home is run by Capuchin sisters. They have girls only, about 30.

Charity Projects

Our biggest charity projects have been:

1. “Letter to Santa” – December/January. It started with 30 children in 2004 and now we have 80-90 (orphanage and the poorest families in the village) who write letters to Santa telling about their lives and asking for their dream presents. Every December we ask mums, friends, colleagues, neighbours to become a special Santa for a special child. All Santas are given the child’ letter, all available information and possibly a photo. Usually presents are delivered in January, so there is always a good opportunity to buy presents in the sales. Minimum PLN 150- maximum PLN 300 per child. Detailed information to follow in the middle of November via postmaster and December Newsletter.

Santa 2008 report 
Santa 2008 Anne’s letter

2. Christmas Charity Bazaar – end of November. Lots of mums are involved in organising, baking, sponsoring presents, selling raffle tickets, other activities as needed. Anyone is welcome to participate in organising or joining us on such a wonderful festive day. The proceeds are given to Pacanów to support children leaving the orphanage at the age of 18. This is again coordinated by nuns and they provide reports regarding the expenses. Amounts raised
2005 PLN 2350
2006 PLN 3040
2007 PLN 3700
2008 PLN 3400
2009 Christmas Baazar, the 27th November 2009, our target PLN 3000+ other projects in 2009

1. March/April
By allocating 1% of your taxes to a particular foundation you are sponsoring a two weeks summer seaside holiday for an orphanage child. Annually 200 children from different orphanages enjoy such a holiday. In 2009 14 mums and friends participated and 16 Pacanów kids went to Gdynia in July.

1% tax 

2. Spring/June
Raising funds to buy summer holiday things and cash for expenses during holiday
2009 PLN 2000

3. Spring/Summer
Start New Life
At 15 years old, children start collecting household things, so that when they have to leave at the age of 18 they have some basic things for their own home. However, during these 3 years they are still unable to get everything they need. So in March we raised money PLN 1050 from the British School parents and collected lots of used things. We made 6 huge packages containing practically everything someone might need, about 20 items per child. Money was used to buy mainly electrical appliances (kettles, irons) and kitchen things (pots, pans, etc.).
2010 It will be done in May/June when lots of needed donations (mainly household things) come from people leaving Warsaw.

4. March/April
Easter Treats
People are asked to buy some sweets and something small for each child PLN 10-15

Easter 2009  Thank you

5. May/June
Children’s Day

Children’s day 2009 Thank you

6. June
Summer Bazaar
This is a chance for mums or anyone else to sell unwanted things. A fee of PLN 20 is charged for a place but all income from the sales is yours. That fee with proceeds from the sale of homemade cakes is for charity.
2009 PLN 400 raised, put of which PLN 300 used to buy school things for Pacanów
PLN 400 raised in August from selling some donations, it was spent to buy new dvds/videos/books.

7. August/September
Get ready for School
Mums are asked to buy school things PLN 15-PLN 20 or give that amount of  money for this purpose.

School 2009 Thank you

8. October 2009
Learn English
A one off sponsorship was given to one of the eldest boys to take additional English language lessons. A few mums and friends became sponsors at a very short notice to pay PLN 1700 for the first year of the course. We will need to renew this next year for him to complete the full 2 years course. Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor for children to learn English, please contact Alia Radford, the Charity Coordinator.

9. November/December 2009
Letter to Santa
To read about the latest project go here Letter to Santa 2009

Second-hand stuff
Anyone can give absolutely anything no longer wanted or needed as long as things are in good condition. Things are sorted (baby things, children things, toys, adult things, household items, electrical appliances, other) and then delivered to Pacanów (4 trips a year) or a van from Siennica comes to collect things including furniture and other larger items about once a month.

Need for new things/money
1. There is need to ask for some things we cannot get second-hand – school and art things – cosmetics – sweets – donated shoes are very rarely in good condition – household electrical appliances (irons, kettles) – if anyone can give a few promotional things from companies. In the past we had Oriflame cosmetics and jewellery, Glitter, and other – any other new things that you do not know what to do with.
2. In 2010 the Pacanów orphanage needs money to buy a minibus. We will appreciate if anyone can help to raise any amounts of money.
More details will be given by the Charity Coordinator next year.

PLEASE AVOID GIVING broken toys, things with holes, clothes with unwashable stains, items/electrical appliances requiring repair, worn out shoes or any things that are really beyond their useful life.

Charity Coordinators
2004-2007 Aga Stroina Rasche, initiator of the Letter to Santa. Currently lives in Prague with her husband Stefan and 3 children
2008 – present Alia Radford, planning to be in Warsaw until 2011 with her husband Richard and 3 children
Although not formally a coordinator, Katharina Laungaard has been helping me a lot to raise funds from her family and friends with PLN 2000 in 2009.


Author: Alia Radford, the Charity Coordinator


This is now the seventh year for Mums and Tots of Warsaw members, friends, colleagues andneighbours to participate in this wonderful action which takes place between December and the beginning of January. Every year this has been a great success, making lots of children happy. Children from the orphanage in the village of Pacanow (3,5 hours drive out of Warsaw, 70 km. south of Kielce) not only believe but are sure that Santa loves them and every year makes their dreams come true. Another group is the children from poor families who hope that perhaps this Christmas Santa will remember about them as well. They all write their letters on hand made cards and open their hearts telling stories of their lives and ask for some presents, nearly always adding “Dear Santa, only if you can. I understand you have too many children who write to you.” Photos from 2008 you can see here, total 76 kids Photos from 2009 are here, total 146 kids. This year I will start with 80 children and see if we can add more depending on the number of volunteers. Unfortunately, we cannot give new presents for all the children in need, so I will be collecting donations of used things for about 30+ poor families, particularly the ones with very young children and babies. Maybe you can help with this? Some offices have offered their help by collecting sweets, coffee and tea, some cosmetics for the families. Maybe you can help with this? There are many ways to help and you do not need to know me personally to take part in this charity action this coming Christmas.

Please can you help by taking a letter and being Santa for a needy child? THIS WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST THINGS YOU CAN DO THIS CHRISTMAS!
To enable you to do this:

1. You will have a child’s letter.

2. All available information about the child and sizes.

3. I will email you a photo if I have one.

4. Budget: minimum PLN 150 – maximum PLN 300 per child.
5. Children ask for different things but the main principle for every Santa would be to buy: – something for education – something for pleasure and fun – something practical (shoes prevail over clothes) – something special – sweets 6. Presents need to be tagged with a child’s name and delivered strictly by the 12th of January to one of the locations to be advised (Mokotow, Ochota, Stegny, Konstancin). 7. We are travelling to Pacanow on the 15th January. I estimate we need up to 6-7 cars. Please join us for the trip to see the children and help us to deliver the presents. You are welcome to travel with your children. It will be a wonderful experience you will never forget. 8. If anyone would like to participate but cannot do the actual shopping for some reason, there is an option to give money. With the help from a few friends we will do your Santa shopping for your child in January to get the best value for money in the sales with a note to you about things bought. 9. Letters from the orphanage have already been posted, others should be with me by the Christmas bazaar, I will start to distribute as soon as I receive them. If you wish to become Santa, please let me know: 1. Your full contact details, which groups you attend or at which school and class I can leave a letter for you. 2. If you can take more than one child. Perhaps, your friends or family would be interested? 3. If you are not a polish h speaker, I will translate the letters 4. If you can join for the trip on the 15th January I hope to see lots of repeat Santas and meet many new. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. THANK YOU Alia Radford (mum of Liam 5, Tim 3, Elizabeth 2)
781 855 251
22 886 9767


Dear All

If you pay taxes in Poland you have the opportunity to take away 1% from the state and donate it to a chosen charity. I can’t imagine that somebody could ignore it, you really make no effort and it costs you nothing. It will take you only a few minutes to write in the details in the Personal Income Tax (PIT) form to be filled in by 1st of May.

This year I am asking for your help for Special Preschool “Orzeszek” in Poznan, which “Mums and Tots” started to support from September 2010.

The preschool provides day care, education and respite for severely mentally and physically disabled children. The centre is run by a fabulous team of workers who have dedicated 20 years of their working life to helping children. The foundation is 60% funded by the state and 40% by donations. Their existence without external support would be impossible.

ul. Ognik 20C, 60-386 Poznań
KRS: 0000070098
Please specify „Dla Przedszkola Specjalnego “Orzeszek”
The important number is the KRS which should go on your PIT.

For more information you can look at the website on

It would be great if you can take a few minutes and donate your 1%. Anyone who can do it, please let me know.

Yours faithfully

Alia Radford
Charity Coordinator





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